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As an ultra-endurance athlete, world champion rower, coach and international fitness presenter, I truly believe that everyone is an athlete and I can help anyone find and cultivate theirs within. Click through my site for more information on my coaching services and global fitness programs Indo-Row and ShockWave. By signing up for my blog, "Crossing the Line" and following me on Twitter you will receive a collection of fitness tips, nutrition and gear reviews to get you ready for your next adventure and to move your health forward.

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  • Coaching Calls

    The world is full of coaches. How many of you have hired a consultant for a work project or a therapist for your relationship? Coaches are there to help you achieve your goals and ensure that you navigate the competitive waters as smoothly and effectively as possible. We often think of coaches as only being [...]

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  • Fit Tip: Are You “Flying And Dying”?

    Adrenalin can be your best friend and your worst nightmare. It can make you feel super human… nature’s drug. I’ll share something that happens frequently in an Indo-Row class.  Let’s say I call for a 2 min. push at Full Pressure (hard but not breathless). A new excited rower starts pushing hard with everything she has… hair is [...]

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  • Do The Work.

    Sometimes a coach says something you remember forever: “It’s easier to just do the work, then to try to figure out how to get out of it!”  My Freshman crew coach, Scott Roop, pulled this one out when grumblings against our torturous dry-land workouts got to be too much. Although we knew this training would [...]

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Everything in me is active -- my whole body, my mind/concentration, and my feelings Josh is really great about giving people individual attention and inspiring us to demand the best from ourselves. I have lost 30 lbs. so far and my body has become much stronger and leaner. After working with Josh first thing in the morning, I leave feeling accomplished and so positive.
Emily S.
Josh Crosby is the ultimate coach... a SUPREME motivator... and he kicks your butt and leaves you NEEDING to come back for more... it’s an addiction!
Kim B
I lost 17 pounds and 12% BODY fat IN LESS THAN TEN WEEKS. Anyone who has the PRIVILEGE, YES, PRIVILEGE to have Josh Crosby as their coach is a lucky human being. He puts you on a path to full conditioning of the core musculature and the best body one has ever had in their lives.
Dr. L. Annes